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Over on Super User, I logged in accidentally with another Gmail account, and created a new profile.

Because of all the cookie/JavaScript/IP hocus-pocus, instead of a decent no-fuzz PHP login, Super User keeps coming up with this new account and logs in automatically. After a force clean of all cookies, dumping the cache and a restart, I managed to login with a different user account.

Now, how do I get rid of this accidental account?

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    Beware to use the right Gmail account to log in to Meta here, and then associate your Super User account and Meta accounts at, for example, superuser.com/users/15299?tab=accounts – Arjan Oct 31 '09 at 10:56
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You can email team@superuser.com and ask them to merge the accounts or delete one of them.

But, before you do so, please try this (may not work, but it's interesting to know for sure whether it does or does not):

  1. Log in with the account you want to keep.
  2. Go to your profile page.
  3. Click add openid.
  4. Log in with the wrong/accidental openid.
  5. Tell us what the site says. (Does it offer you to merge the accounts? Does it fail? Something else?)

Note that PHP is one of many serverside languages in use these days. This website does not run PHP, so it makes no sense to talk about a "PHP login". I would also argue that you have it backwards when you say that such a login system is "no-fuzz", thereby implying that openid is cumbersome: what could possibly be easier than registering to a website without having to think up a new username and password?


"Superuser keeps comming up with this new account and logs in automatically. After a force clean of all cookies and cache documents and a restart"

I always found the logout button works well for this very purpose.


Its in the help - you contact stackexchange using the contact us link, and set your profile to "delete me"