Neither nor seem to be of much use to me.

And while we're at it, is worth keeping?

  • Wouldn't it be better to collect these tags in a sticky tag cleanup thread meta.superuser.com/questions/5718/… than creating a new question for new tags? Anyway, these two tags are not useful and look like meta tags and I'd ask for burnination directly instead of discussing them. – user 99572 is fine Jul 18 '13 at 12:21
  • 1
    @user99572isfine: I guess I could have included it there but thought a discussion might be in order, which is difficult in such a catch-all thread. – Karan Jul 19 '13 at 17:42

No, none of the three tags were worth keeping.

I've manually cleaned up all the questions they were tagged with.

mission accomplished. we out.
(source: qkme.me)

  • Nicely done, although I thought some prior discussion was warranted else I'd simply have done it myself. – Karan Jul 19 '13 at 17:44

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