As it stands, we have at least six questions dealing with enabling AHCI support on an IDE mode Windows installation:

  1. How to get AHCI support on an IDE Windows 7 installation? (~150 views, asked July 2013)
  2. How can I enable AHCI on a SATA drive after installing Windows? (~1700 views, asked February 2010)
  3. Can I change from BIOS IDE mode to AHCI mode at any time? (~14,000 views, asked December 2010)
  4. Getting an IDE mode installation of 7 to run in AHCI mode? (~500 views, asked July 2012)
  5. How can I enable AHCI mode after Windows Vista install in IDE mode and before/for Windows 7 clean install? (~16,000 views, asked January 2010)
  6. Change from IDE to AHCI after installing Windows 8 (~35,000 views, asked September 2012)

Windows 8 made significant changes to the IDE-to-AHCI process, so #6 should obviously stay as a standalone question.

My proposal for dealing with #1-5 would be to merge them (answers and all) into either #2 (which has extremely general wording) or #3 (which has a high view count). I feel that #5 isn't a good candidate because it's rather verbose and not sufficiently general, and #4 and #1 are just low view count dupes of #2/3 (but with quality answers*).

Could an appropriately-privileged community member please consider taking action on this?

*Disclaimer: I answered #1, so I have a stake in keeping my answer on the site. That said, it is unique from the other answers in that it offers a link to Microsoft's automated Fix-It tool.



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