There are many sites that emulate the Stack Exchange look and feel, but aren't actually part of the network.

One such site is ask.puppetlabs.com

To qualify as a duplicate, do both questions need to reside in the official Stack Exchange network?

For example, look at these questions.




Not just on the same network. We only mark questions as duplicates if they are on the same site, e.g. a question can exist on both SU and SO wihtout being marked as duplicates. See: What to do with cross-site duplicates?

You can comment with a link to that other site, if you want to. If you wish to provide an answer, please make sure the answer is more than purely a link - and don't just copy entire answers from other sites, if possible. If you do, make sure to credit the source in accordance to their content licence (SE uses CC-BY-SA).

Generally, even if an answer can be found by searching we would prefer to also add the answer on SE, in line with our goals of being a single source of knowledge.

  • I'd like to add that the same user asking the same question on multiple SE sites (cross-posting) is generally not OK. If you asked on the wrong site (wrong audience, no answers for weeks, ...) flag your question and request migration. – Daniel Beck Mar 11 '14 at 16:55

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