Currently we have the tag which (according to the description) is supposed to be used for tagging questions about Windows .msi installer files. However, there are quite a few questions (about a third) where people have used the tag because they are asking about issues relating to MSI hardware. Most of the questions about MSI hardware are a few years old so I'm guessing the tag's description was edited at some point.

My thought is that maybe we should have an tag for questions about MSI products and a tag called or or something similar for questions about MSI installers? Or we could just remove the msi tag from the questions about hardware.

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Questions referring to the Windows Installer packages (.msi files) should be tagged .

The tag should be merged (and synonymized) into as company tags aren't very helpful and people will use the tag to refer to Windows Installer packages anyway.

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  • Over the last couple of days I've suggested edits on all uses of [msi]-the-company (there's only a couple left pending) - once they're cleared you should be right to synonymise [msi] with [windows-installer] :) – Robotnik Sep 24 '14 at 4:50
  • @Robotnik: Thanks! :) – Der Hochstapler Sep 24 '14 at 10:37

I agree with (could be too) and merge also which excerpt also says that means the same thing.


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