How should we handle questions like

How to delete "Program Files (x86)" folder after windows login

where the asker wants to do something that is unambiguously destructive to the OS/computer and it is clear that they have no idea what they’re doing?

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Actually, looking at the question, the comments and answers cover the situation perfectly well.

  1. The comments repeatedly say why this is a bad idea.
  2. The answers cover things you need to do this relatively safely.
  3. The OP has a definite goal, though, its an XY question.

I think it was handled pretty well.

I'd add this wasn't quite what I expected when I saw the question title in the feeds. If someone was actually suicidal, rather than at risk of destroying their install, the process would be very different.

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    Well, “obviously suicidal” is something different than “suicidal”.
    – kinokijuf
    Sep 28, 2014 at 10:43

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