I recently flagged this answer as not an answer since it is a thank you comment that duplicates the second part of this existing answer. However, the flag was marked as disputed for some reason.

I seem to recall there was another thank you answer there as well as the time which I thought I had flagged as well, but now I can't see any record of it. Still, I am wondering if it could be worth protecting the question since it is getting a lot of views and a lot of low quality answers.

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Seems the community thought it was fit as an answer.

Here's the reviews:

Wouldn't disagree with that thought when viewed just from a review queue point of view(which doesn't show the others answers - but ideally you are supposed to look at other answers too).

Perhaps a custom mod flag stating 'bulk of answer copy-pasted from an existing answer' would have been a better choice. Anyway, the post is now auto protected(there are 6 deleted non-answers/me-too posts)

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