Recently I posted a question. Which was closed as off topic.

I then thought. Hey, now I don't know where to post my question. I don't even know where to ask where to post my question.

I then came up with enhancement/feature ideas to help with this situation. So I wrote a feature request, which I was about to post on meta, here.

I then realised that... feature requests may not be allowed on meta. Are feature requests allowed on meta? This could be a question on meta-meta.

I can't bring myself to suggest opening a meta-meta for super-user (Actually, I'm sure the geniuses at S.E. thought a solution to this).

Sadly, I'm afraid this question is a duplicate. Rationally, this question is off topic anyways.

I feel anxious. Please, help me.

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Feature requests are on-topic for Meta Super User.

What is "meta"? How does it work?

Meta is for...

...Super User users to communicate with Stack Exchange the company (posting bugs, suggesting improvements, or proposing new features)

You may get better response on Meta Stack Exchange, particularly if it pertains to the entire Stack Exchange system, but is not a necessity to post there.


Feature enhancements? Meta.stackexchange

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