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Question closed as unclear but an answer was already posted

This question. The reason why the question was closed is "This question needs details or clarity". Let's follow the link. Needs details or clarity - Sometimes we need more information in ...
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Revisit the Hackintosh policy

This answer from 2010 is oft-cited as reason for questions about "Hackintoshes" (fancy word for "Running macOS on non-Apple hardware") not being allowed. The reasoning is that we ...
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What is the best way to answer a question that violates software license terms?

I just came across a question titled "UEFI Interactive Shell comes up when trying to run OSX in Virtualbox." As you can see, I responded to it with, "I am guessing the host operating system is not OSX?...
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Are Hackintosh questions off topic because of community consensus or just moderation policy?

I was having a discussion with @Gilles lately, whether to allow questions about OS X being virtualized. In essence, the Apple license forbids virtualizing certain products, but the majority of votes ...
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What flag to use for questions related to 'Hackintosh(s)'

This question was recently asked: This is a question really to do with the Hackintosh community but I am not sure what to flag it as. Hackintosh doesn't ...
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Which pro-forma comments already exist for SuperUser?

I'm using AutoReviewComments script and want to customize it like I did for Ask Ubuntu. I'm using as remote source.
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Proposed OS X Wiki changes

We have nine "named" OS X tags (ex: osx-yosemite) plus four synonomized "number" tags (ex: osx-10.10). They account for over 4,000 questions. The wiki information on all of them is similar, but ...
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How should we act upon "Install OS X as virtual machine" questions?

Bumped: Only two people contributed to this Q/A, so maybe we could get some more opinions. Background Recently there seem to be a lot of questions on the topic of installing OS X as a virtualized ...
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Why do questions get closed?

I'm having a hard time understanding the reasoning behind closing questions. Not that I think questions shouldn't be closed, but I do not understand the reasoning and/or thought processes behind ...
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Should questions about using a gaming console as a PC be allowed?

As you all probably know, gaming questions have long been off-topic on SuperUser. This has included questions limited to consoles, even though they are technically "computers". I generally ...
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Banned Tag Proposal: Hackintosh

Due to the legal gray area that exists with regards to building or running Hackintosh machines we have always discouraged these question on SU since it would attract unnecessary attention to the site ...