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Recommended "close" vote practice [duplicate]

Seeing a question with two close votes, but no specific comment, why the close votes were issues, I wonder what is the recommended practice for close votes: Shouldn't there be a comment explaining ...
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I think SU has a newbie-biting problem

I was initially going to post this as an answer to Why do certain commenters take a rude tone with new users?, but I think there's a bigger problem here that requires more discussion. Let's ignore the ...
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How do I ask a question that may require recommending software?

I have a problem that I need solved, and it may require the recommendation of software. How do I ask these type of questions so that they aren't closed? Note: This is for reference to point users ...
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PSA: Just because *you* don't understand a question doesn't automatically make it unclear

All too often, I'm seeing close votes (or even closed questions) as "Unclear" on questions that are perfectly understandable to me. It seems to happen roughly once a week, and that's just ...
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Question about Microsoft Outlook behaviour closed on assumption that I should contact Microsoft

I asked this question about an issue I am experiencing with software (Microsoft Outlook). The question was mod-closed under the assumption/reason that I should report the issue to Microsoft or more ...
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What details do you need? Or please stop voting to close as “Needs details or clarity”!

Not only the flag but also the close reason is utterly useless by itself. If you cannot be bothered to leave a comment explaining why you think the question is unclear or which further details are ...
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How to fix an unfocused post, that I thought was pretty well focused

I have a question about my Super User post: Is it possible to write a cell as an "Accumulator" of conditional values? (Google Sheets) I need help understanding why my post was closed. I ...
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Question closed as unclear but an answer was already posted

This question. The reason why the question was closed is "This question needs details or clarity". Let's follow the link. Needs details or clarity - Sometimes we need more information in ...
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Software recs - better user guidance

There are many software rec questions on meta, involving correct tags, how to ask etc, but I can't find one that covers this aspect. No matter how well a user follows the guidelines in How do I ask a ...
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Use of [moderation] in Meta

TL;DR: Should moderation be added to questions about the general practices of using moderation privileges in Super User? Could it be better to create a new tag, i.e. "community practices" or ...
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Was this question closed because a new user made an (easily correctable) Markdown formatting mistake and (correctable, ESL) grammar?

WSL2 duplicated terminal was Mod-closed as "Needs clarity or details", but even as originally written it was (again) quite understandable to me. It definitely had two problems: The new ...
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How to search for duplicates efficiently?

In my experience the search box in Close as duplicate dialog is almost useless. For example we have a canonical malware removal question. Its score is 454 as I'm writing this. It has over a dozen ...
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