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Are “evolving answers” supported on Super User?

Preface: I believe that this question is somewhat in line with this other Meta question about troubleshooting questions in 2023. While calling out another user who chronically posts “answers” (such ...
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Looking for a canonical about troubleshooting issues about using web applications?

Tl;Dr: I'm looking for a canonical for               troubleshooting problems that might be caused by end-user computers                      that occurs when using web applications. This is a ...
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My post was unfairly closed

I asked a question about my internet abnormality. Bad internet connections running my program but most speed test results are normal except for one I explained How I discovered the problem. How I ...
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Burninate [diagnostic], [troubleshooting], and [debugging]?

diagnostic is used on 190 questions. A few are about diagnostic software, a few are about some specific display of diagnostic information, a few are on questions asking how to troubleshoot a problem, ...
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Do questions about Discord belong on Super User or Web Applications?

discord is a voice and text chat program similar to Skype and Teamviewer. It's available both as a downloadable desktop application for Windows/Mac/Linux, and as an in-browser Web Application. My ...
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Should some or all browser search engines now be considered on-topic?

This question has been asked before, including this one not that long ago: Is asking about search engines ( + On Topic on superuser?. Search engines are generally web ...
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Is asking about search engines ( + On Topic on superuser?

I have a question that relates to a computer , web application, in particular it is the search engine My question is basically: "Is there a way to query search results without all the ...
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Super User website applications policy

I recently asked this question on Super User, and a big discussion arose on appropriate questions. The issue came down to the new verbiage in the FAQ: I had figured that the websites line was just ...
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What could lead to [troubleshooting] tag cleanups?

What is the point of a troubleshooting tag? It's a process, but it does not gain "troubleshooting experts" anything, and the questions are all different areas of Super User. It's way too meta, since ...
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Are diagnostics/troubleshooting issues on-topic and not too localized?

Following on from this question. I made a comment there: By the same token, we shouldn't automatically close any question that says "virus" anywhere in the subject or body, because it may be that ...
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Official stance on Facebook questions on SU? Ok, there are many questions that reference Facebook, but this one seems to be directly about facebook. I need an official ...
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Is the superuser site the place for troubleshooting?

I'm having problems with VirtualBox, and I want to know if SuperUser is the right place to troubleshoot the issue.
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Are user-level troubleshooting questions appropriate?

Questions like: When Abode Reader plugin attempts to open web documents in IE8, sometimes a blank dialog box appears and the document fails to open.