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Where can I ask questions that aren't Super User questions?

Thank you for your confidence in our abilities! But have you read our FAQ? We get a lot of non computer related questions on here. Yes, someone here might be able to help you, but you'll find that ...
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How to choose a community?

There are some communities with intersecting subjects with For example I could ask this question about volume control in linux at unix community, or this about hotkeys at software ...
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What is the etiquette regarding asking a question again on another Stack Exchange site?

I've asked a question on SuperUser before I realised that Ask Different existed. I feel that my question would be better served on the the Ask Different Stack Exchange site. How should I go about ...
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Do not migrate low-quality questions

I recently noticed a trend where low-quality off-topic questions are migrated away to a more appropriate site. These low-quality questions will then usually be closed on the destination site, causing ...
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Add a migration path to Pro Web Masters from Super User

As of now we have 39 questions tagged cms 14 questions tagged joomla 21 questions tagged drupal 22 questions tagged wordpress And the questions on the above and other web master related keep ...
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Possible to "protest" the transfer of a question to another forum?

I just asked my first question on Super User, and found it to be the most appropriate category among the Stack Exchange sites. However, it was immediately migrated to "Web Applications", an unrelated ...
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Questions about WordPress on Super User

I was updating my blog by installing wordpress on a server of mine, and I had a particular question. As it seems, it is not allowed to ask any questions about WordPress the software, since the ...
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Reminder on voting to migrate

#1 rule to consider after determining a question may be a better fit elsewhere: Don't migrate crap. meta discussion In going through the close queue, I often see questions voted to migrate, but the ...
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Migrating high-quality, off-topic questions to another site in the Stack Exchange network

I recently edited this question, and then flagged it to request migration to Electronics Stack Exchange. My flag was declined by a Super User moderator for the following inexplicable reason: ...
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Finding hard to fit into right site between Super User and Web Applications

This is addressed to the OP of How to wrap lines of code in Rstudio IDE? in relation of the following comment I am lost. My questions are migrated between Super User and Applications back and forward....
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