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The infamous "My PC is freezing" question...

We all know what they are: My PC is freezing and I don't know what to do? Please help me! Here's my specs: I think it's a windows 7 It has a power supply There's some RAM ...
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What should we do with outdated, but highly-popular questions?

Example: We have a question about SSDs, which is now two years old. Are SSDs worth the money? I've been hearing a lot of hype about the SSDs recently. I'm planning to buy a new machine as ...
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Q&A with the candidates in 2011 moderator election

After the example of the Math.SE site I have some questions that I would love to see each nominee respond to in their nomination (if they choose to do so): Is there anything you would want to change ...
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Proposal: Sponsoring some Community FAQs and Canonical Answers

The other day in chat, Daniel Beck and Surfasb helped come up with the idea of sponsoring questions with bounties to create or improve some Community FAQs and canonical answer posts. If you're not ...
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Ideas for celebrating Super User's 2nd anniversary

Super User's 2nd birthday is coming up in about a week, on August 18th (next Thursday). It has been discussed among community coordinators and other moderators, and we'd like to do something similar ...
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Critique my [windows-7] tag wiki

I haven't seen any other tag wiki1 pages on SuperĀ User yet, so I didn't have anything to compare it to as I wrote up the new windows-7 tag wiki page. What do you think? If you can edit it, go right ...
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Should the original intent of a question be broadened to make the answers more canonical?

A question about Markdown editors with live preview is specific to Mac OS X, but several other answers, including mine, discuss applications that run on other operating systems. Is it appropriate to ...
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Make editing tag wikis more available to experienced users

Currently, tag wikis have very stringent requirements for editing: Tag wikis can be edited by users with more than 1500 reputation, provided: They are in the top 20 answerers for this ...
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I think my question was closed incorrectly

Recently my question on Superuser was closed for being a duplicate of another question, but I've checked that one out and what I found doesn't really help with the problems I'm facing. I've also ...
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community-faq is a useless meta tag primarily serving the older users

There should be no reason to have and maintain community-faq as a living tag. Certainly not to continue pasting a boilerplate into questions themselves explaining the tag's usage. Yes, it spawned out ...
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