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How should we act upon "Install OS X as virtual machine" questions?

Bumped: Only two people contributed to this Q/A, so maybe we could get some more opinions. Background Recently there seem to be a lot of questions on the topic of installing OS X as a virtualized ...
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Are questions related to download YouTube content allowed?

There are many questions about how to download video or audio from YouTube. Here are the two tags youtube-dl and youtube. But in the YouTube Terms 5.B., here I quote a portion of it: You shall not ...
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Should we help those looking to avoid a block from a website? [duplicate]

So this question about getting around a website block turned up, and raised in me a curiosity of how much assistance we should give to someone trying to get around a website block. While in this case ...
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What's the proper role with respect to third-party EULA's, NDA's, and other agreements?

It's not uncommon on superuser, programmers, and stackoverflow to come across questions that involve, or where the answer may involve, violating some agreement that may exist between the OP and some ...
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Legal basis for restriction of discussions?

A recent discussion of policy here left me wondering about the legal reasoning behind it. On any computer-related forum, there will sometimes be questions related to usage that may violate the EULA. ...
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Can we or can we not discuss DRM removal?

I wanted to ask a question about removing DRM from content I own, so I researched the issue here on Meta. I came across Is discussion of techniques for removing DRM permitted? which seems to have a ...
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Questions dealing with Hacking

Alright. So this question here made be look at the FAQ, and maybe it's just me, but I can't find anything in there to specifically (or generally) say that hacking questions are not a good fit for SU. ...
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Readly : is this question on-topic

I subscribe to Readly which allows me to read 1,500+ magazines, with new issues every month. I can't see anything on their site to answer this. It is probably a legal question, but can I ask how to ...
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Can we help users get around potentially contractual limitations from their ISP, such a data caps?

This question was just asked about circumventing data usage caps. Where does this fall on the legality issue? Should we promote this kind of behavior, or discourage it? I'm all against data usage caps,...
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Please reopen this question about ripping DVDs

Ripping TV episodes from DVDs – how can I know which stream belongs to which episode? I feel this question should be reopened. I can imagine it was closed in reaction to a flag by the first commenter, ...
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