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How literally does SU take "not about a shopping or buying recommendation"?

I fully support the clause of the SU FAQ that states that shopping/buying recommendations are off-topic. I'm a little confused about its scope, though. Does it apply to questions that ask people to ...
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Since when are software recommendations off-topic?

I want to take discussion away from Daniel's previous post. Here's my point: I've always been under the impression that software-recommendations were absolutely fine on Super User.* Now, obviously, ...
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Update the FAQ to disallow any product recommendation questions

Foreword added at +2/-1: To make this clear: As far as I can tell (and I quote a diamond moderator below), this is already official moderation policy on this site. I just want to have this added ...
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Actually changing things through Meta

We have four principal categories of topics on Meta, with some overlap: Bug: The site just doesn't work Feature request: I want to have new shiny things Support: How does this work? Discussion: What ...
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Why is looking for alternative programs "not constructive"?

Background I had asked this question a while back, and received some great responses, and a great final answer that helped me out quite a ton. Everything was fine until ~yesterday. Yesterday, however, ...
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Three batches of questions to close or delete

In line with Help us clean up Super User, I've been closing a lot of questions recently, but some are fairly old and hard to get close votes on. Ideally I'd vote to delete but I don't have enough ...
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Why was 451805 closed?

Why was this question: closed? I don’t see anthing offtopic with it. It’s about computer software.
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Why did slhck close this question?

I was going over the main page and found the question Free batch image watermarking software from 09'. The question is well formed and is on topic from what I can tell. What was wrong with this ...
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Software Solicitation and Web-based Answers?

Super User is about computer software, hardware, and personal networking per the FAQ: Super User is for computer enthusiasts and power users. If you have a question about … computer ...
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So this is not a (real) question? But.. what is it? May be someone is shooting too fast? (not every short question lacks a point, I mean)
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Where it the line drawn between asking for product recomendations and trying to find a tool for a task [duplicate]

I was happy to find a question about on-screen rulers with many recommendations for programs. I was surprised it didn't have any close votes. Under what circumstances is it ok to ask for a name of a ...
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