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A frame challege answer was deleted — "does not answer the question"

I posted an answer to a question. I felt that my answer was an appropriate frame challenge, based on other frame challenges I’ve seen, and on the answers to this Meta question. My answer was then ...
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Why my flag "the answer has nothing to do with the question" was rejected?

The question: "Is there a way to not select whitespace after a word when double-clicking? I flagged this answer with "the answer has nothing to do with the question". I think that is true. The OP ...
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Should I flag an answer which *tries* to answer the question, but is useless for this *particular* question [duplicate]

Going through the late answer review queue, I came across this answer. While it should normally be helpful ('root' and 'toor' should be the default username and password from what I recall), in this ...
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When should I flag something as "very low quality"?

The answer I am wondering about: Why is windows not able to create a system partition? This answer does not apply to the question asked, and is not very good quality. I flagged it as low quality, and ...
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Flag for "Not an answer" should be re-worded [duplicate]

I flaged this answer as "Not an answer" due to the answer trying to explain product activation, where the question is about the process of performing the install. The description for "Not an answer" ...
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How should trusted users deal with non-answers?

Shortly after earning 20k reputation, I've encountered a couple of non-answers and – out of habit – flagged both posts as not an answer. Then, I've remembered my newly gained super powers,...
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"Answers" that are better off as comments

Kindly see certain answers (there may be more than this search string returns) of the following format: We need a dump to see more. please download this reg file from my SkyDrive: http://cid-...
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Should "Not an answer" include off topic answers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When is an answer eligible to be flagged as “not an answer”? What to do? This answer turned up flagged as not an answer. I'm not actually certain which way it goes ...
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Why does it mean when a flag is rejected with "aware of content that requires intervention"?

In a similar approach of slhck's problem I thought that being very descriptive instead of just clicking not an answer would help, but instead I got a new flag reason returned: I don't feel like the ...
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Flagging posts that answer the question with something the OP has already dismissed

Note: This is a follow-up on Is “Y” really a valid answer to “I want X, and tried to do Y, but it doesn't work”? — because I don't think this is sufficiently answered, or at least doesn't seem too ...
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Is "Y" really a valid answer to "I want X, and tried to do Y, but it doesn't work"?

A few flags of mine were declined when I flagged answers that suggest to do things the OP dismissed as not working right in his question. The reason for being declined is the following: declined - ...