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Should Tablet Computer questions be allowed on Super User? [duplicate]

The current policy by community consensus is: Allow appropriate tablet questions, but not actively encourage iOS and Android. Basically they will be treated like Ubuntu and OS X are treated right now. ...
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Are tablet questions off topic? [duplicate]

The FAQ says the following is on topic computer hardware, computer software, or personal and home computer networking and this is not programming and software development, video games ...
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How are we going to deal with Windows 8 on ARM?

Just to get this discussion going, before the product actually launches and we have to make hasty decisions. As a reference, here's the previous discussion: Should Tablet Computer questions be allowed ...
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Suggestions for updating our FAQ

Based on the results of the vote for a change of policy we've drawn the conclusion that the majority of the users (who voted) are in favor of allowing appropriate tablet questions. So the new policy ...
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Do we need better definitions for off-topic questions in the help center?

This question mainly relates to users and contributors' interpretations of the Help Center ยป Asking guidelines: Super User is for computer enthusiasts and power users. If you have a question ...
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It annoys me that there's an Apple SE but so many Apple questions on SU

Stack Exchange management wrote a big post about why it makes sense to spin off some topics or areas into their own stack sites. If I have an Ubuntu question, it would make sense to ask it in the ...
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Is the Commodore 64 Mini on topic?

The Commodore 64 Mini is a general-purpose computer that comes with Linux. It comes preinstalled with games, but it also comes preinstalled with BASIC that can load other programs. It is supposed to ...
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Is SuperUser for IBM/PC only?

I have recently asked this question about file management issues with the mobile version of Foxit in iOS. The question was downvoted and marked as off-topic as it belongs to apple.SE. I am just ...
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What's the deal with Android and cloud computing?

I've seen the buzz back and forth about Android and cloud computing, which has apparently raged for awhile. I'm trying to understand it. I'm a relative newcomer to the site and there is still much I ...
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Why are smartphone-related questions considered off-topic on [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is a modern phone not a computer? In the F.A.Q. it is written that the site is about questions about "computer software" and "not about electronic devices, media players, cell ...
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