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How to handle low-quality software recommendation answers?

On-Topic Questions, Low-Quality Answers There are numerous on-topic questions for which a software recommendation can be an answer. There are probably tens of thousands of existing such answers, ...
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Can we stop advertising

The most top answer of How can I tell what RAM will fit my computer? reads: Crucial is a good place to buy RAM and they have a System Scanner (Windows only) to analyse the memory that is present and ...
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A strange case of a deleted answer

Something strange has happened to me. In the post Unable to recover hard disk drive after failed formatting due to sudden power outage, the user asked for ways to fix his failed WD disk. I have ...
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Bad audit answer

I just failed this audit answer: You can use ClickMonitorDDC this is a great tool for adjusting brightness and contrast of external monitors, but you can also ...
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My answer was deleted: why, and what should I do now?

I have a question about my Super User post: How do I play audio though jackd from console? Hi. I submitted an answer to superuser, but my answer was deleted. I've checked the list of possible causes ...
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Questions Asking for Product Recommendations

Did I handle this question correctly? A new / dupe / green user asking for product recommendations..
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Link only answer with many steps

This is my answer. I've searched a bit in meta and I think I've got a feel of what should be done with link-only answers. However, in that question, there are some options for real-time ...
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Want to contribute useful answer to old question, but has low quality lock despite only 3 answers

Recently, I've developed a solution for bulk searching excel spreadsheets for keywords, after doing research on various sites, including superuser, and finding there was no real universal solution, I ...
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When should a moderator not use his super-powers?

I am asking this question because of a recent encounter with a moderator on this post. A moderator asked me to add an example to my answer, and when I didn't, he just deleted my answer. Some extra ...
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