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Software recommendations - what software can do this

Is all types of software recommendation questions off topic; I appreciate it's probably not a 100% fixed rule and that some questions need to be taken as is, but, if the questions was: "What software ...
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Are questions regarding "how to research things on the internet" on-topic

I came across this question: The title seemed innocent enough, but the bulk of the ...
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Since when were command-line tools off-topic?

I previously asked this question on Meta to query the overzealous closing of this SU question as a duplicate. The moderator who initially closed it, without justification or explanation of the ...
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Which pro-forma comments already exist for SuperUser?

I'm using AutoReviewComments script and want to customize it like I did for Ask Ubuntu. I'm using as remote source.
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Are tool requests on topic?

Are questions asking for a particular tool providing certain functionality on topic or not? I don't use SuperSure.SE often so I'm not entirely sure what is in scope and what isn't. The faq made me ...
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Including a reference to the proposed "Software Recommendations" site

There is a plethora of questions here (in meta) that involve what to do about questions involving "Software recommendations". None of them seem to mention the proposal for the Software Recommendations ...
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Question 540289 re-open request

The question is not my question and was closed by a moderator but I feel that the question is useful enough ...
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Why is question 480733 off topic? Would you please explain, why this question is off topic? I think I am a power user making high ...
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I have a suggestion on what to do with the Software Rec Tag

With the upcoming release of Windows 8 we expect an influx of users and questions. I feel that we need to prep for their coming. With that in mind, the software-rec is a nuisance in mine and others ...
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Request to reopen question 600447 (How can I edit multiple text files as one virtual document?)

To try and explain what I'd like to find (which I had thought not readily doable in a sound-bite), I posted a rather lengthy question earlier today that was closed for being off-topic. One person ...
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Re-opening my question on ebook managment tools

My question: Ebook management: how to catalog/access files in their original location I believe my question can be reopened with probably some minor modifications.
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is this question off topic

I recently asked on Super User. Will the question would be off topic? I have mentioned my problem clear. Normal search ...
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Why is question 112455 not off-topic?

This question, which seeks "a program where I can type one, two or more components of chemical reaction and find out the result of it," is a blatant software rec question. I flagged it as off-topic (...
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Is this site not partly about uncommon specific software solutions?

My question was in regards to asking for a solution that takes up a cumulative hour or so of my time every-single-day . I am now able to do this in a fraction of the time, thanks to my question. (yeah,...
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Can we add a little more to the close option Off-Topic --> Recommendation?

I created a meta post that shows how to ask questions that may involve recommendations. I think that it would be good to add this to the closing option of Off-Topic --> recommendations. This is ...
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