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Company tag necromancy: The zombie apocalypse!

Just when we thought we finally got rid of them all they appear to have been resurrected. adobe x 200 — about 100 software and service products, PDF, Flash, Flex, graphics and video editing, web ...
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Help us clean up tags!

Tags on Super User are meant to categorize posts to help people with specific expertise or interests to quickly discover posts that are relevant to them. Over time we've collected quite a few ...
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A new way to clean up tags

This is the proposal. Please see Help us clean up tags! for the result. Let's face it, we have tons of horrible tags. In the past, we used Old monthly tag cleanups to keep track of what needs to be ...
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List of tag merge requests (Dec 2012)

Merge: merge php-ini x2 => php.ini 10x merge autofill x1 => auto-form-fill 3x merge dos 2x => ms-dos 91x (checked their posts. They mean ms-dos) synonym mainboard 2x => motherboard 954x Split: ...
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Merge connection & configuration related tags

configure & configuration should be merged (although I think they both should be removed). Some of the following should be merged: connect connection connectivity disconnects disconnection ...
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Blacklist request: [Move], [Removal] and some more

following the tag cleanup for march 2013 I have cleaned up the move meta-tag. No more questions with move. FYI, most of these questions referred to moving files - I have replaced these mostly with ...
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Do we need the "used" and "user-friendly" tags?

Neither used nor user-friendly seem to be of much use to me. And while we're at it, is refurbished worth keeping?
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Is there a way to send a hint to someone who suggest lots of edits?

As you can see from my rep I'm rather new to the "review suggested edits" privilege, so I'm searching for some advice. Currently there are a lot of edit suggestions from one user, which mainly ...
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Tag cleanup of closed questions

While doing my bit for the current Tag Cleanup I notice several questions with deprecated tags that are closed. This is just one example. Given the advice about updating or migrating crap, which ...
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About [crash] and [freeze] tags

(I did point this out earlier in the now defunct June tag cleanup post as a comment, but this way I can discuss it better). Now... as per the June cleanup audit, the freeze tag was uncovered in the ...
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Color valid tags differently from invalid tags

I have an interesting idea for how tags work. No, it is not the new and improved tag, or a total tag makeover. In fact, it is a small change in how tags work that I think could help out a lot of ...
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Some tag edits cause a demand for body edits

Usually, when editing the tags on a question as part of a tag cleanup simply editing the tag is accepted by the system. Most recently: here and here Occasionally, a popup appears demanding 6 ...
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Proposed resolution for [ide]

Every few years, we do a cleanup of ide tags, for example: Many questions tagged "ide" should be tagged "pata" Old monthly tag cleanups Someone just anonymously cleaned up ...
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