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Let's dellete [dell] [duplicate]

There are currently 1002 questions tagged dell. According to Manufacturer & Company tags are back. Again: We don't like company-only tags, and there's been various crusades in the past to ...
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Remove [asus-g73jh] tag

asus-g73jh has two questions. It is obviously too specific, I believe in both cases just asus would fit better. I am new to the whole tag cleanup/merge/remove concept and I am still trying to figure ...
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Block the [hp] tag

The hp tag has been removed repeatedly as a generic company tag. Since the previous major effort to clear out the company tags, this tag has been recreated and removed again four additional times, ...
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Alias nvidia to nvidia-graphics-card

There is no Nvidia tag. Confer, It may be a good idea to make nvidia an alias for nvidia-graphics-card.
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Retagging [google] questions [duplicate]

Some of the questions tagged with google actually relate only to Google Chrome and not to Google products / Google company in general, for example: How does Google Chrome installer work? Google ...
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Unmerge [msi] from [windows-installer]

A recent edit to the Manufacturer Tags question spotlighted a problem with an old action. Five years ago, the post The msi tag is ambiguous identified that the msi tag was being used for both the ...
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Please make [amazon] stop hurting my brain

I started to write a tag cleanup request for amazon, listing the different ways in which the tag is used. I got writer's cramp. Basically, if you can create an anagram that spells "amazon" from ...
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Get rid of Microsoft tag [duplicate]

microsoft shouldn't exist, as it does not help find pertinent questions. I vote to get rid of it
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Can we convert older (question body format) duplicate notices to the new, not editable duplicate format?

Duplicates used to be handled by the system putting some markup in the question body, like so: > **Possible Duplicate:** > [Title of the Duplicate Question]( <!-- ...
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Retag [mikrotik] to [mikrotik-routeros] or [mikrotik-swos]

mikrotik is a manufacturer meta-tag. Mikrotik makes a variety of routers, but for all intents and purposes they have two main products: RouterOS and SwOS (their operating system for switches). I ...
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Cleaning [gigabyte] tag

I saw that the gigabyte tag said "Use this tag for questions concerning gigabyte technology, a hardware manufaturer - not filesize." (I also submitted a suggested edit for the typo in the tag wiki - ...
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Retagging [microsoft] questions [duplicate]

Same as the 2 previous questions I've posted: Retagging [google] questions Retagging [firefox] [mozilla] questions? Most of the questions tagged with microsoft (180 questions) relate to Microsoft ...
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What should the [microsoft] tag be used for? [duplicate]

Initially, I assumed microsoft (132) is about the company. But I took a brief look through them and didn't find any about the company. In fact, all the question seem to be about various Microsoft ...
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Should the hyper-threading tag be made a synonym of a new hardware-multithreading tag?

While many questions on hardware multithreading on SuperUser will concern Intel's Hyper-Threading, a significant fraction concern hardware multithreading more generally. (Those concerning actual Hyper-...
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Is the "microsoft" tag of any use? [duplicate]

I have found a tag named microsoft which was created August 26 with 10 questions. Does the tag have any use, or should it be removed?
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