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8 votes
2 answers

Is it kosher to accept your answer on your own question?

I've on occasion come across the answer to my question, and feel that it's the best answer, but do not want to "rob" anyone of rightfully earned rep... What do I do? Also I'm assuming that I do NOT ...
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27 votes
2 answers

Is it wrong to ask people to accept an answer to their question?

I was looking through some of the questions I've answered, and an unsettling amount have: Not accepted an answer Not given extra details to help people answer In essence, these questions are now ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Community Voting System to accept answers not accepted by the OP [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Community bumping [status-completed] on meta.SU? I have noticed a lot of questions that are answered correctly and abandoned by the OP (i.e. they are not marked as accepted by ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Accepted answer is at the bottom, is that a bug?

On the Super User question Any command line tool checking windows domain password?, I noticed that the accepted answer was listed at the bottom. Is that a bug?
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1 answer

I thought the accepted answer is always listed first - here it is second. Huh?

How is it possible that this question has the top-voted-but-not-accepted answer listed first, instead of the accepted answer? What's the easiest way to get text onto a Kindle?
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