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Any concerns about the scope of the site, as explained in the FAQ

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Please vote on proposed changes to our policy on tablet computers

We recently asked how you feel about questions regarding Windows 8 on ARM. After looking through the answers and comments there, and some lengthy discussion amongst the moderators, we've come up with ...
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Where can I ask questions that aren't Super User questions?

Thank you for your confidence in our abilities! But have you read our FAQ? We get a lot of non computer related questions on here. Yes, someone here might be able to help you, but you'll find that ...
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Should Tablet Computer questions be allowed on Super User? [duplicate]

The current policy by community consensus is: Allow appropriate tablet questions, but not actively encourage iOS and Android. Basically they will be treated like Ubuntu and OS X are treated right now. ...
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How is the term "Computer" defined on Super User?

The arguments over whether a tablet counts as a computer this rather lovely Ars Technica article on why they think a tablet is a PC as well as a chat conversation over this question got me thinking ...
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Where do EC2 and AWS questions truly belong?

I am a moderator on Web Applications, and I would like to address the points of this Web Apps Meta question to a wider audience, because we get more than a handful of questions on these topics that ...
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Questions about bypassing or circumventing network security

I have seen a number of questions on how to bypass network security. I was wondering if superuser (or stackexchange) had a policy or stock answer about this? As a regular kind of user, I can ...
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Will iPad be acceptable subject matter for Super User? I guess not?

Will an Apple tablet device (iPad) be a "computery" enough subject for questions on Super User? I plan to get one, and since I've never owned an iPhone or anything similar, I'm sure I'll have some ...
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Should questions about using a gaming console as a PC be allowed?

As you all probably know, gaming questions have long been off-topic on SuperUser. This has included questions limited to consoles, even though they are technically "computers". I generally ...
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11 votes
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Questions asking for manual identification of fonts?

I've seen several question related to fonts on SU. While I do believe that fonts can be considered software related, I've noticed that a subset of those questions asks superusers to manually identify ...
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What's the proper role with respect to third-party EULA's, NDA's, and other agreements?

It's not uncommon on superuser, programmers, and stackoverflow to come across questions that involve, or where the answer may involve, violating some agreement that may exist between the OP and some ...
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Are "X vs Y" product comparison questions not constructive?

The comparison of two distinct products with similar purposes, as in this question, seems to be the sort of question that solicits opinion and therefore not constructive. However, these questions are ...
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Where should questions about mobile devices, phones, gadgets, etc be asked?

I was wondering where should I post slightly off-topic questions. As I've read on SuperUser its only about computer hardware and software. Do the various USB gadgets fit in the 'hardware' category? ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Are questions about online backup services on-topic?

Are questions about online backup services like: Dropbox Mozy CrashPlan on-topic for Super User?
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Why can't I ask if hardware exists that does something, or fits a need?

I can understand not wanting shopping questions: that is a comparison between two products that exist that relies on the subjective input of the person answering. But if I have a need, it seems I ...
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How should we treat questions involving mobile computers like barcode scanners that use Windows Mobile?

UPDATE - I found this proposal over on area51. It suggests a StackExchange site for Windows Mobile. Go follow it if you want to see this! I've been using a computer like this at work for the last ...
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