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Any concerns about the scope of the site, as explained in the FAQ

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Is superuser the proper channel to ask AutoCAD-related questions?

After checking out all the other StackExchange sites, CAD questions do not seem to fit into any category except maybe superuser. In the FAQ, superuser is described as encompassing general software or ...
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Are TeX/LaTeX questions off-topic?

This question was closed as off-topic. Yet it fits squarely within the topic of Super User as defined by the FAQ (it's a question about the beamer plug-in for the TeX program, to put it into general ...
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How do web-software related questions differ in superuser from questions in webapps of stackexhange?

I guess the web related software questions can be asked in either of the websites - superuser or webapps? Am I correct?
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Is it ok to post questions about Dreamboxes on SU?

Hi, Dreamboxes are Linux-powered TV receivers. Is it ok to ask questions about them on SU? If not, where should I post them?
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Questions asking for manual identification of fonts?

I've seen several question related to fonts on SU. While I do believe that fonts can be considered software related, I've noticed that a subset of those questions asks superusers to manually identify ...
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Questioning whether question deserved to be closed

This question: I was looking forward to getting people's opinions. I haven't heard of the program before and wanted to know if others ...
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Appropriate site for question about Google Groups?

I was about to ask a question on Super User about problems I've been having accessing Google Groups, but then I noticed that a lot of questions on that site having to do with web apps were being ...
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384 views getting useless for me

I am getting fed up with some of my questions getting closed on Like this one & https://...
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What's with the recent slew of web questions on SU?

I know they come in now and then, but they were definitely getting closed for a while there. But in the last few days I have seen several "web" questions that didn't get closed. What's going on? Fluke ...
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Where should questions about mobile devices, phones, gadgets, etc be asked?

I was wondering where should I post slightly off-topic questions. As I've read on SuperUser its only about computer hardware and software. Do the various USB gadgets fit in the 'hardware' category? ...
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Super User question about manufacturer support web site resources: on or off topic?

Is the following question on- or off-topic for Super User: I choose to interpret the FAQ liberally, and the question as I see it does relate ...
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Where can I ask questions that aren't Super User questions?

Thank you for your confidence in our abilities! But have you read our FAQ? We get a lot of non computer related questions on here. Yes, someone here might be able to help you, but you'll find that ...
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7 answers

Will iPad be acceptable subject matter for Super User? I guess not?

Will an Apple tablet device (iPad) be a "computery" enough subject for questions on Super User? I plan to get one, and since I've never owned an iPhone or anything similar, I'm sure I'll have some ...
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