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Any concerns about the scope of the site, as explained in the FAQ

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Questioning whether question deserved to be closed

This question: I was looking forward to getting people's opinions. I haven't heard of the program before and wanted to know if others ...
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Post Closed - Primarily Opinion Based - But it does not appear to be opinion based to me

Post: Shared data between multiple devices / Operating systems I'm not asking for the best one, I'm not asking whether people like a solution or not. I'm asking "What solutions exist to address this ...
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How should we treat questions involving mobile computers like barcode scanners that use Windows Mobile?

UPDATE - I found this proposal over on area51. It suggests a StackExchange site for Windows Mobile. Go follow it if you want to see this! I've been using a computer like this at work for the last ...
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Are questions about AutoCAD usage on topic here?

Are questions about general AutoCAD usage on topic here (not for any specific field, I'm just teaching myself how to use it as a general skill)? There is the CAD proposal, but it's just a proposal, ...
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Do computer terminology questions belong here or on EL&U?

This comment suggests that a question I asked about computer terminology should be on English Language and Usage instead. This question isn't off topic for Super User because it is a computer-related ...
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Can I ask questions about software that is intended to be used online?

Can I ask questions about software that is intended to be used online? An example could be online virus scanning software. In the FAQ, does it only refer to software that users install?
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Asking about a specific virus when others are closed

After searching virus questions on Super User, I've noticed that many are closed. Is this site the place to ask a question about a specific virus on a home PC running Window 7? Specifically, I want ...
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The right place

I have asked this: Can I have a QR code that will create a contact on the device? I got the answer, but it was closed as off topic. How bout moving it maybe to StackOverflow? or another more suitable ...
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"iBooks vs. Kindle in terms of number of textbooks for students" -- appropriate question?

Is Superuser the appropriate site to ask about whether the Kindle or iBooks platform has more textbooks available and which platform offers a better experience (i.e., I've seen the Apple ads with the ...
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Where should one ask and answer a question where the Q is more a Super User topic, and the A is more a Server Fault topic?

My answer involves networking-related infrastructure administration, specifically DNS. The question is more about being a power browser user. I guess the particulars - that is, the Q and A belong in a ...
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Can I ask what the definition of "enterprise services" is?

Can I ask this here? If not, what other stack exchange site would best? Apple’s New Era Has Begun Now Apple has set its sights on a much larger bite of the apple: enterprise services. It’s such a ...
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Rep-mining / Using the site as a blog

I’ve noticed recently that numerous users (including high-rep users and even moderators) have been posting generic, hypothetical questions, followed immediately by an answer and accepting it. I don’t ...
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Are coding cash bounties allowed on SuperUser?

I wish to offer payment for a 5 minute configuration via remote connection on my router to fix a configuration issue. Are offers like this allowed on SuperUser?
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