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Questions tagged [answers]

Anything related to posting answers, e.g. about improving their content, voting on answers, editing others' answers, etc.

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Let's do something about all the old link-only answers

We do a pretty good job removing or repairing link-only answers nowadays, but there are boatloads of old link-only answers sitting ignored or at a slight negative score, written largely by users that ...
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Are answers duplicate if they use different aliases of the same command?

This answer came up in the First Posts queue. It uses the Windows rd command to accomplish the task in the question. The accepted answer (from 2010), however, uses rmdir with the same parameters. rd ...
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How should I handle this review task / answer?

While reviewing I came across this post: and I'm very unsure on what to do about it. Technically, it is an answer to the question, even though it is basically ...
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Add "views" ordering to answer list again

There once was a views sort order for answers in a user's profile, but it apparently was removed. It is only available for questions. While it might need to be made clear that it's not answer views, ...
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How do you know when the asker has read your answer?

Sometimes when I write a pretty long answer I never know whether he/she has read my answer or had just left and decided not to bother with it. I don't however want to know everyone who has read it ...
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Review queue "Late answers" - flag when choice was "recommend deletion"?

When reviewing "Late answers", many of them are not actually answers but comments, other questions and so on (as you can select when saying "recommend deletion"). If I choose to ...
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Answer box cursor broke

I just went to answer a question and my cursor is moved one space over to the left for some reason. Here's an image of it (I just pressed space before taking the screenshot, I didn't move the cursor): ...
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Relocating an Answer to a More Specific Question

I wrote an answer to a question, which was only tangentially related to the general concept of the question. Later I discovered that there already exists another question that my answer would ...
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Should I delete my answer after finding a similar answer on a SuperUser sister site?

I apology if this question has already been answered in any form. Today, I answered this question. I knew the answer will be found in website, so went there, copied the relevant ...
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Removing ALL similar answers instead of removing duplicates?

I was looking for an answer to the question How do I copy/paste into VirtualBox? I found two such questions here but none contained the answer that I need. After I figured out the answer myself I ...
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I created a resource for an answer. Are there specifications/rules to include it as picture or link?

I answered to this question "Looking up gnuplot abbreviations", in the beginning giving only the method to find the meaning of the abbreviations used or usable. After I've created a a resource (a ...
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The slider to make the text area taller does not work on iPad

In questions and answers, the text area has a nice slider to make him taller. Alas, on iPad, the slider does not work. It would be nice to make the slider work. Thank you. I have Safari on iOS 7 ...
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How to post trivial answers when that is all that is required?

Often a problem can be solved with a trivial answer, which can be stretched to make one complete sentence. These kinds of answers are often done as a comment because they don't seem worthy of "answer"...
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Cross-posting an answer between AskUbuntu and SuperUser

While looking for a way to activate an X window from the command line, I found two particularly relevant results. One on AskUbuntu and the other on SuperUser. The answers given in both questions didn'...
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