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Showing progress towards badges

As a feature, show how close/far someone is to getting a badge that has more than one part. I.e. for convention, show how many posts the user has with a score above 2 in meta (if its less than 10), or ...
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Remove MSU Beta badge

Meta Super User never went through a painful creation process. Like Athena, it just popped into the world fully formed and ready for business. (Yes, Jeff Atwood is basically Zeus in this analogy. No, ...
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Styling deleted questions in post lists for awarded badges

On the list of flagged posts (Flagging Summary), deleted posts are shown as such: In the favorites list, they also appear deleted: Deleted posts are not indicated on lists of posts for which ...
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Suggestion for a system to vote on edits

Edits on Super User are very important, it gives sense to many questions and answers here and I think it deserves a good stimulus (such as "Editor" and "Copy Editor" badges), but in my humble opinion ...
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Why aren't there any SuperUser users with a Beta badge?

Why aren't there any SuperUser users with a Beta badge?
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Should we really have the 'disciplined' badge?

I think the disciplined badge is a bad idea. We are trying to get good answers and questions on this site (and, I guess, all SE sites). There have been 192 of these badges awarded to users, but, ...
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