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Reputation points from Silver Yearling Badge

Why have the +200 reputation points for my Silver Yearling Badge not been added to my superuser account, but they have been added to all my other linked accounts? Edit: After checking more carefully, ...
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How can I get the Suffrage badge? The number doesn't change in accordance with the votes I have casted

How can I get the Suffrage badge? The number doesn't change in accordance with the votes I have casted. I have casted many upvotes and downvotes today, on questions and answers of different users, but ...
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Deleting Questions - Result in lockdown / Disciplined Badge

I just figured out a potential difficulty with one of the badges I'm not certain whether this should be migrated to Meta SE (I'm not sure if the badge system is the same for all sites). But there is a ...
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Badges and potential retire

I see that the analytical badge is retired, would the precog badge be a retire target as well? It was only available to those involved back in area 51 days, correct?
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Should we really have the 'disciplined' badge?

I think the disciplined badge is a bad idea. We are trying to get good answers and questions on this site (and, I guess, all SE sites). There have been 192 of these badges awarded to users, but, ...
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Didn't recive mortarboard badge

The info about the Mortarboard badge says that anyone who has earned 200 reputation (or more) in a single day should get this badge. Yesterday I earned 267 reputation, But I didn't get the badge. ...
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Where is Hall of Fame of this site?

Where is Hall of Fame of this site and of the entire group of 174 sites? Hall of Fame, showing things like who are top 10 or 100 highest rep members, who all have most badges, who all crossed rep or ...
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Badges are removed or missing from account profile

Of the seven badges I've earned with my time on the site I've noticed that the count is now dropped down to two. Can anyone tell me the specific reason behind this?
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Make badges be worth reputation

I don't know if this has ever been part of the site and then deleted or what, but I think that badges should be worth something, preferrably reputation or maybe something new. I know that some new ...
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