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How was this question not a real question?

I'm just wanting some clarity of why this question was closed. It states that the question is "ambiguous, vague, incomplete, or rhetorical and cannot be reasonably answered in its current form", ...
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Quick way to find questions nominated for closing?

Is there a fast way for someone with 3k+ rep to find questions nominated for closing? If there's not, can we make one? I think this would prevent a lot of redundant effort, i.e. 5 different highish ...
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Migrate previously closed question to Gaming?

Now that exists, can we migrate questions that were previously closed as off-topic because they are related to gaming to it? Specifically, I'd like to move this ...
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Close as duplicate loop

usb write protected! is closed as a duplicate of which is closed as a duplicate of Remove the write ...
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saving streaming video played in web browser is off-topic on superuser?

I really want to save this video as I love the show but I have some troubles with their fast English ... so ... I asked here any-idea-how-to-save-video-from-this-site and the question was closed as ...
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Does closed questions without an answer count against my accept rate?

If I ask a question that for example is closed as a duplicate before anyone has answered it I won't be able to accept an answer (obviously). Will that question then count against my accept rate, since ...
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SuperUser question about performance of new hybrid HD closed: Trigger happy mod, or justified? Please help me re-open my question.

Can we please discuss whether the closure of my question on SuperUser was reasonable and justified? It was closed swiftly by a moderator, with a single vote. Here it is: Do Seagate Momentus XT SSD ...
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why this question get closed on SU which is related to gmail?

Possible Duplicate: Superuser website applications policy This is the reason showing closed as off-topic by ...
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Zune questions getting closed on superuser?

Can we get some sort of official ruling on questions for the Zune on superuser? Because closing this question I asked is bullshit.
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Please help me distinguish between "Question" and "Discussion"

I posted this question earlier today on SuperUser: What was your biggest waste of money and what should you have bought instead? I think it's a legitimate question, because I've spent a lot of money ...
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Why are game questions on SU just closed and not deleted?

This is a thought that came to mind after seeing the daily couple gaming questions that come into SU. If the rules state that most gaming questions are not within the scope of the site, why don't we ...
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