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Comments that can be added to questions or answers

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Am I using the "obsolete" flag wrong?

I have noticed that often, when I flag a comment as obsolete, a moderator declines it, so I am wondering if I am using it wrong. I usually flag a comment as obsolete when, for example, another ...
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Add / Show comment with less than 50 reputation

If a user has less than 50 reputation, it is known that they cannot comment on posts other than their own. I've been in a situtaion, (this applies to the wider stack exchange interface) where I have ...
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When editing two comments, after having saved the first edit, it is impossible to save the second edit

I have encountered a bug in the site Super User. I make two comments : Here is the Tadpole. There is the Caterpillar. To edit the comment 1, I click edit. In editing my comment, I add my new text : ...
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Is this comment no longer needed?

When looking how to do something I came across this answer: If you are trying to this on a Windows computer, unfortunately it is not possible out of the box. You will need to install some ...
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The site does not accept drag-and-dropped comment

In a comment, I have dragged-and-dropped some text. Now the comment text area has my comment, and I want to post it. So I click on Add Comment. But this does not work. The site keeps telling me to ...
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