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Why do comments usually get removed from Questions?

For what reasons do comments usually get removed from questions? What is meant by channel id > 100 in 802.11? I just disagree with this question being moved from Security.SE to Super User. Doesn'...
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2 answers

search all comments made within the last month, and answers, to locate an interesting question?

How do I search all comments within the last month? I remember an interesting question, and of keywords in it all I recall is 2+ comments had the word project in them. So i'd like to see all ...
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2 answers

Comments are not wrapped, continued on other side of page

How do I delete a folder which is nested quite deep and avoid "File name too long"? The comments for the first answer aren't wrapping, and seem to be hiding behind the side bar, and ...
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Incorporating more information from comments while editing

Editing guidelines (for example this meta question) do not give any information about incorporating additional information from comments. For example, while editing this, there is additional rather ...
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How do comment @replies work?

In a comment under my questions somebody used first name only @Ivoxzy instead of using the users full name @Ivoxyz FFlipse Is the correct user going to informed about this message that was address ...
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Can I see a list of votes for my comments?

Quite often, advice or recommendations are given as comments to questions and answers. Maybe slightly off-topic, does not meet one of the requirements of the question, or to back up someone else's ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Moderators deleting comments?

Whenever a SO question is migrated, it has a few comments that say "Belongs on SU" or the like. This confuses the heck out of me because when I read a question, I read the question, then the comments,...
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2 answers

show all comments to and from, in activity?

is it possible to see all comments i've made, to and from? preferably in activity.
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1 answer

Following up using comments

I've been in the situation that I answered questions with more than one-liners, and the original poster didn't follow up at all (commenting what was wrong with the answers provided by me and others, ...
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More comprehensive documentation of markdown available for comment boxes

Is there a comprehensive list of what markdown elements can be used in comment boxes? I only recently discovered that the shorter format for links actually works (whereas the longer format doesn't), ...
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how can we understand some one answer my comment

when we answer a question if some one comment on my answer ( on the next login SU show us the comment(by the blue envelope)) but what if we comment on a question or comment other one answer how can we ...
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4 answers

Why does SuperUser hide comments without upvotes, even if there are no other comments?

I've noticed on SuperUser that comments without upvotes are hidden by default, even if there are no other comments with upvotes. This is different from SO and MSO. Is this a bug, or the desired ...
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