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Reasonable flags are getting declined left, right and center

When I first came to SU, if I flagged a comment, it would vanish. Back then, mods seems to have a deletionist tendency towards flags. Nowadays, mods almost always decline comment flags. But things ...
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Why was my comment removed?

I asked Why is Chrome using 1.5 CPU cores even though I just started my computer and only opened Chrome (didn't go on any website yet)?, and an answer suggested: The task manager of Chrome tells you ...
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Why did my comment get removed?

I left a comment answering another comment on Eraser: "Warning: This computer has had System Restore or Volume Shadow Copies enabled.". Does my USB flash drive contain any copies of files stored?. I ...
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I need 50 reputation points to post a comment? [duplicate]

This restriction is really blocking me. I'd like to comment on a working solution, and confirm that it is working. I'd like to comment here: How to bring back Photo Viewer in Windows 10?
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A user can't add a comment on the answers of him own bounty, because it requires rep

I'm a frequent user on Stack Overflow** site, and very sporadic on Super User site. I've reached the +50 rep on Super User site, then I did a bounty because I need to solve a problem. Problem After ...
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102 views reputation point issue- not sure this was thought out very well

So, I had an issue, and googled it. I found the solution I needed on this site, and wanted to thank the person who wrote it. I am not a regular user of this site, so I created a user account and went ...
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Unclear wording on comment editing timeout

So when trying to edit a comment before 5 minutes after posting, you get the error message "Comments may only be edited for 5 minutes." I think that message is is unclear and should be changed to ...
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Protect anonymity of 'no comment' down voters - while allowing other users to down vote them

As there are hundreds of comments on the issue of users down voting a question without leaving a comment - I believe it must be a serious issue to many users. Since some users don't feel it is ...
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Remove upvoting on comments under a question, only allow downvoting

If you don't know an answer, why don't you simply pass-by? No question is stupid. We are all human beings and can have different ideas at times and just because of difference, another idea can't be ...

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