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3 answers

Super User Moderator Cards

We recently printed some business cards for our Stack Exchange employees and they turned out great. It got us thinking: our sites' moderators have been working hard to keep our sites high quality for ...
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How can "Community" post a bounty?

The post How to unhide 'Very Hidden' Worksheet has a bounty posted by Community, which says: One or more of the answers is exemplary and worthy of an additional bounty. As Community is not a ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow Worldwide Meetups 2012 [closed]

We're having a Stack Overflow meetup to get together with fellow programming, web, and other technology enthusiasts. But not all of our programmers and technology enthusiasts live on Stack Overflow, ...
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Huge knowledge gap, Should these be closed as they encourage long comment chains?

What is the best way to handle (or expected way) to handle a question where the Question does not match the steps needed to provide a good answer. For example this user has asked a question where the ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Community bot comments might be misunderstood

There have lately started appearing comments on posts such as: Please clarify your specific problem or provide additional details to highlight exactly what you need. As it's currently written, it's ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Why am I getting a refusal to help answer a question of mine?

I asked a question about getting the intimate details (well network type, what cert was used to connect to a network connection) on Windows 10. Question for context: Replicating a wireless connection ...
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1 answer

Why are changes applied without any reasoning or community agreement?

Please align the Excel tags isn't agreed upon, while Can we please standardize the Microsoft tags? has been there for ages and has been a consensus which we pretty much agreed up. Why does a ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Are there ever any Superuser or SE site "meetups"?

Are there ever any events where Super User, Stack Overflow and/or other SE site members meet up and exchange hello's, discuss stuck keys, errors messages and the like, or generally engage one another ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Why does community bot keep reviving over decade old topics?

Example: Folders visible on flash drive, but no files Over decade old. I'm sure OP doesn't care anymore, will not answer anymore etc.. what's the use of the community bot 'modifying' the topic?
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Downvote for a working answer, only because it means too much effort compared to available answers?

Is there a kind of rule to post only those answers which offer a solution with a needed time investment that is in good proportion with already available answers? So that a working answer may get ...
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4 answers

Why does StackExchange not fix the login account system?

I love the question/answer nature of this community but it's frustrating to do a Google search and find a question/answer on here that I'd like to contribute to, but then be presented with login phase,...
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-5 votes
1 answer

Is Community-Bot Useless?

If I am right then the community bot is next to useless because it commented that my answer was unclear. I don't see how it could be any clearer? Do you? Let's duke it out! If the bot is wrong, please ...
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1 answer

Proposal: Merge SuperUser, Unix&Linux, ServerFault, AskUbuntu, AskDifferent

Most of the questions are the same (configurations, non-programming) and it would benefit from having more people looking at questions. Some of those sites don't get a lot of traffic, the response ...
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3 answers

Should Windows users be allowed to comment on *nix tagged questions?

It can be generally observed that there is a difference in aptitude and attitude between Windows users, and Linux/BSD/OSX (*nix) users. I would suggest it would be beneficial for questions tagged ...
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