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The question you're asking is designed to solicit opinions, influence site policy, or debate a particular topic, with the goal of reaching a community consensus.

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Duplicate tags about duplicate files

deduplication duplicate seems to be used for deduplication but some are about how to create duplicate files. duplicate-files duplicating I suggest merging into deduplication for most of those ...
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Is it okay to create a tag for a specific class of problem?

I've recently noticed 4 different questions that come down to "I've noticed that I get full speed from my Linksys Wi-Fi AP right after I reboot/reset/reconfigure it, but after a few minutes it goes ...
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Retag request X and x11

Please merge tags x, x11 and xorg See Daniel Beck’s comment. They seem to refer to the same thing.
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Microsoft Office desktop/app version

Despite the confusion with the payment model between Microsoft Office (one time payment) and Microsoft Office 365 (subscription). There is the issue between the different installation versions. You ...
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My question still on hold after adding details?

I have asked this question and it got put on hold for the lack of details and for asking many question. I have edited it to one question and I have added the details that have been requested from me ...
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Questions are no longer being accepted

Right now Super User is no longer accepting questions from my account. Is there a way to override this?
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Many models, same manufacturer and the same question

There are a lot of switches and routers out there whose manuals doesn't specify whether or not they're supporting Jumbo Frames. Searching for it on the web doesn't bring up any good answers so it's ...
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Upvoting interesting or seems useful answer, without knowing its accuracy

So, I've been upvoting several answers and questions that catch my interest, mainly because: it's well written the topic shares my interest it might be helpful to me in the future - yes, I know there'...
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Tag cleanup: Delete / merge [function] tag

function has no description, but it has cc 130 questions. In most of the cases it's used as synonym of worksheet-function (with or without it), and sometimes referring to functions in scripts or ...
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How could I have failed this review audit?

Recently I was reviewing this post and I got result as failed. What I observed as per this one post was: The original poster provided instructions. The original poster provided how to access the ...
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Bad audit question - failed audit on question that should have been closed

I just failed the following close vote audit The question is asking about an issue on a work pc in a corporate network. As it stands the question should ...
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Make [hardware-selection] a synonym of [hardware-rec]

All hardware-selection questions are actually hardware-rec. It's only 6 questions, but hardware-rec has just 192, so hardware-selection makes 3% of the total - I think it's popular enough to be ...
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Badges and potential retire

I see that the analytical badge is retired, would the precog badge be a retire target as well? It was only available to those involved back in area 51 days, correct?
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Why are the tags "directory" and "folder" configured how they are, and not reversed?

Why was folder chosen as the authoritative tag and directory made the synonym instead of the other way around? Directories are always directories in filesystems. A folder is an almost-cardboard ...
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Should a question on installation of the Delphi IDE have been migrated from SO to Super User?

This question was just migrated from Stack Overflow to Super User: How do I fix a Delphi installation when "repair" doesn't work? I know that it concerns installation, but it seems to ...
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"Key-combination" synonym for "keyboard-shortcuts" tag

I think there should be key-combination synonym for keyboard-shortcuts tag.
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Why did one mod close this question on removing the password on several RAR files at once as a duplicate?

The question How can I remove the password on several RAR files at once? was closed by 1 mod as a duplicate of Can I remove a RAR file's (known) password without recompressing the archive?. Why? ...
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What more info does this question require? [I am not new here]

I posted a question here - Can not authenticate device to use with Windows Your Phone app. It was closed just by saying that it needed more info. What more can I add to this? I think I have made ...
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