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Questions tagged [editing]

Anything related to the editing feature, e.g. anonymous edits, suggested edits, the editing privilege, edit history, etc.

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Create a queue for posts that will have to be reviewed later

There are many posts that should be placed in a queue to be checked later. An example is this one, but there are comments like this scattered all over the place: Having a queue like this would ...
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6-Characters minimum on editing with tag edit

I tried to edit a question because it was tagged badly. It seemed mostly fine otherwise, though I decided to fix 2 punctuation and one capitalization errors (which would not normally warrant a ...
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How to do better edits in the future?

When reading such answers, I find it useful to: have the answer edited when an obsolete link is dead (the second link is dead) have screenshots to quickly see how the GUI looks like (the question is ...
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My question already exists on here (without an answer, yet), so I improved that post instead of posting the question again but the edit was rejected

I have a question, which already exists as a question on here: xterm copy to PRIMARY and CLIPBOARD independently However, unfortunately, there is no answer, yet. So I tried to improve that existing ...
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TrickleEdit test question 2

As asked by @Bob in TrickleEdit test question: This is a test question used while developing an extension. Please do not upvote or downvote this question. This question will be deleted ...
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Why are edits that enforce site policy rejected?

The Stack Exchange has a policy against tags in the title. Why are edits that enforce site policy rejected?
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Under what circumstances is an edit summary required?

I was editing a post (now deleted, and I am sure that that has something to do with it) and it asked me for an edit summary of ten characters. Under what circumstances would I need to provide such a ...
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Claim edit done while logged out

I edited this answer: but didn't realize I was logged out. Can / should I do anything to mark that edit as mine? Since it was entered as an unregistered user, it'...
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When editing two comments, after having saved the first edit, it is impossible to save the second edit

I have encountered a bug in the site Super User. I make two comments : Here is the Tadpole. There is the Caterpillar. To edit the comment 1, I click edit. In editing my comment, I add my new text : ...
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Edits must be at least 6 characters when only editing tags?

I tried to retag this question to add the windows and windows-xp tags, but it wouldn't let me submit my edit because it said that it was less than 6 characters: At first I thought that it was because ...
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Editing "on hold" question

The question by unregistered user was put on hold with "unclear what you are asking" as reason. ...
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