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1 answer

Is there a way I can recover my unregistered account here?

3 days ago I correctly answered a question here which gained me 15 reps and I would like to recover that account that when I register I would still have that same amount of reps. Actually, I ...
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3 answers

Is there a way to get a email whenever there's a new answer in a thread?

Is there a way to get an email alert whenever there's an new update (such as an answer or a comment) on a thread? I know you can just use IFTTT (check out and set up a trigger, but I want ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Somebody wants to buy my account on

Somebody wrote me an email because he saw that my account-reputation on SU has risen much in the last month. He wants me to make an offer so he can buy it from me. I am not sure if this is a serious ...
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Is there a way to get an e-mail when a new question is asked in a favorite tag?

Is there a way to subscribe to new questions of a favorite tag? I wish to contribute as much/fast as possible (in my area of expertise) and e-mail is the best way for that.
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How can I log in to Stack Exchange using email if my account was created by Facebook?

I have Stack Exchange account that was created using Facebook. Now I use Windows Parental Controls to block sites (i.e. Facebook), and I can’t log into Stack Exchange. There is an option in Stack ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to Change email notification

For some reason, I stopped receiving notifications when someone replied to my question. I can’t find the settings location.
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1 vote
1 answer

Should I get email when my question has an answer or comment added?

I recently asked a question, which has received both comments and an answer. I was expecting to get an email indicating that there was a response, but have not seen one. I also did not find a place ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How can I receive e-mail every time I receive a answer?

since some months ago I do not receive any e-mail from Stackexchange sites, nor that ones informing that I receive a new answer (e.g. "1 Question Has 1 Answer - Super User"). I received it normally ...
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I've got a account in Superuser but I forgot email? Can I possible get it back?

So, I've registered and used a account in Superuser 2 years ago. It's quite inactive account but I don't want to register new one from beginning. Here's it:
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1 vote
0 answers

How to verify my email address on Stack Exchange sites (e,g. Super User) or check its verification status?

On Super User I changed my email address under Email Settings. It sent me a verification link: "Confirm your email address - Super User". When I click the button [Confirm your email ...
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1 answer

How do I change my stackexchange login email?

I had signed up with an account. But i do not have access to that anymore. I need to change the login id of my stackexchange account.
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0 votes
1 answer

Email is shown in profile despite (hopefully) already hidden only on SU

I have tried to remove my publicly visible email address several times from the SuperUser section. I have removed it and clicked Save, and Save for all StackOverflow sites. Only the Super User ...
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2 answers

How can I use email receipt to trigger Windows 10 processes

My question was closed - not before I had some useful advice from some users - and been arrogantly dismissed. I cannot see the benefit of this site when it allows behaviour that discourages people ...
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