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26 votes
4 answers

Recommending own products

What's our stance on relevant product recommendations? The paragraph in the FAQ is clearly not enough in this case. As a recent example, a developer of an Outlook plug-in/addon started answering ...
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1 answer

Editing others' posts - guidelines / etiquette?

I've just hit the 2000rep mark, and can now edit questions (hurrah! woot! etc, etc...). But, I'm a little uneasy about editing other people's posts, as it's not something I've really experienced ...
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1 answer

Acknowledging "thank you"s

On my answer here, the OP posted a comment saying something like, "sigh...that was simple, thanks!". To which I replied my usual response: "Happy to help." I see now those comments were removed. ...
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Advertisement answers and company references

What is the proper way to handle Answers that specifically mention a company's products in a way that obviously is more an advertisement than a real answer Answers that refer to a (company's) weblog ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is Super User aimed at Microsoft users?

A couple of days ago, I've asked a question and it was closed so quick I couldn't even react. As the question was somewhat pointed and concerned working with Windows I was asking myself if I may ...
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1 answer

I had two of my answers deleted and I don't understand why.

I had two of my answers deleted and I don't understand why. I left the second answer as deleted by the moderator as I am not going to go against the moderator, rather a reason why the answers were ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Answering a question you previously voted to close

This question was recently posted, asking very ambiguously about the Windows 7 SP1 RC. I voted to close it as "not a real question", since it was just asking for comments on whether anybody had tried ...
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0 answers

Duplicate questions of very old posts

I was about to post a question on Superuser, when I found that there was a duplicate of exactly the question I wanted to ask, only it was asked 3 and half years ago with no good answer. Is it OK for ...
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3 answers

How do we care for a user who appears to be dying soon?

Related on Meta Stack Exchange: How should a user's death be handled? I've encountered a question from a user who appears to be dying soon: Cannot see index.php on localhost" The question is ...
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Question closed because superusers think Second Life is a video game (it's a virtual world)

I did a total dumbass thing and asked a question on stackoverflow about Second Life. Then it was moved to and was closed because it related to video games. I don't see how this was ...
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1 answer

Asking questions that are clearly answered elsewhere

Recently, I turned to "the internet" looking to answer an Excel question. Over the past year, I have found myself gravitating directly to SE/SO to answer many of my technical questions (much like I ...
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2 answers

Rep-mining / Using the site as a blog

I’ve noticed recently that numerous users (including high-rep users and even moderators) have been posting generic, hypothetical questions, followed immediately by an answer and accepting it. I don’t ...
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2 answers

Could we please be a little bit nicer to new users? [closed]

There is a distinct decline in the level of civility here. Some of this is due to new users coming in and posting spam and other nonsense, but the offtopic and downvote buttons are doing a pretty ...
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