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Requests for editing the old FAQ, which has been replaced with the help center.

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Should we add a "no shopping recommendation" clause to the Super User FAQ?

As discussed several times, shopping questions are off-topic on Super User. They are too specific, related to a particular time, a particular place, and are also open to subjectivity (advising "which ...
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Update the FAQ to disallow any product recommendation questions

Foreword added at +2/-1: To make this clear: As far as I can tell (and I quote a diamond moderator below), this is already official moderation policy on this site. I just want to have this added ...
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Update the FAQ to specifically allow home networking questions

Update at 20/0 — Hm, any chance of updating the FAQ? If this isn't community consensus, I don't know what else is. Brought up by the overwhelming consensus in: Is there a valid Stackexchange for my ...
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Update the Super User FAQ

With the changes made to the policies recently, and the amount of hits Super User is taking at the moment, I would like to suggest that the current FAQ is updated as follows: Super User is for ...
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Question FAQ doesn't cover a way how to handle a reopen request the best way

I started this topic: The question was closed, because the first version was a bit ...
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Why answers or questions are converted to "Community wiki"?

Why answers or questions are converted to "Community wiki"? as one of my answer and one question are changed to Community Wiki.
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Computer build question

A new question about computer building was recently closed with the "Off Topic" reason. But the close text is a bit misleading: Questions on Super User are expected to generally relate to computer ...
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List guess-the-application as off-topic in the FAQ list

The answer to "Are 'Guessing Game' type questions allowed on SU?" says guessing-the-software questions are banned. Fine, but that information should be in the FAQ list under "and it is not about" or ...
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Site FAQ Update Suggestions

Below are a few thoughts that I've had relating to a few points in the FAQ that need to be cleaned up by the site administration to prevent confusion when people move between Stack Exchange sites (...
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Remove OpenID Question from FAQ?

The Stack Exchange network has deprecated OpenID and on July 1, 2018 users will no longer be allowed to logon via this authentication method. Given this, should we remove the question This is an ...
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Change FAQ for explanation questions

Since the consensus on this question seems to be that at least under some circumstances "how does this work" questions are allowed, I propose that instead of burying this fact under what types of ...
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Is a modern phone not a computer?

Re the FAQ: If you have a question about... computer hardware computer software and it is not about... electronic devices, media players, cell phones or smart phones, except insofar ...
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Changing the FAQ to allow "Soft Questions"

I noticed a tag on the mathematics SE site that is "soft-question". It is used to identify questions that are more based in opinion than a "how can i solve x" but still on topic (a recent example: Why ...
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