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13 votes
1 answer

Will an option to migrate to Web Apps be added to Super User's Close dialog?

The title says it all really. Now that Nothing To Install WebApps is live, will it be added to the close dialog?
3 votes
0 answers

Community Voting System to accept answers not accepted by the OP [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Community bumping [status-completed] on meta.SU? I have noticed a lot of questions that are answered correctly and abandoned by the OP (i.e. they are not marked as accepted by ...
1 vote
1 answer

make incorrectly answered question have unanswered status

I think there should be some way to make any "incorrectly answered question" have "unanswered" status. Just because someone has responded to a question doesn't mean that it is worthwhile. In fact, ...
13 votes
2 answers

Update the Super User FAQ

With the changes made to the policies recently, and the amount of hits Super User is taking at the moment, I would like to suggest that the current FAQ is updated as follows: Super User is for ...
2 votes
1 answer

Why the blue bar on the left edge of the code tag rectangle on

SuperUser, unlike StackOverflow and Meta has a very weird code box. It has a thick blue edge on the left, which is very distracting. I would prefer a clean box like this I don't know why this ...
21 votes
1 answer

Turn Markdown "code" blocks into plain "preformatted" blocks on Super User

On SU, can we remove the default syntax highlighting? It seems that most uses for the Markdown 4-space-indent-code-block on SU are not actual code, and the syntax highlighting is more of a hindrance ...
16 votes
5 answers

Super User - Suggest adding an operating system tag

When asking a question on Super User, add a suggestion for users to include their "operating system" when adding tags. It's such a common omission in questions on Super User, I think an extra ...
3 votes
2 answers

SuperUser migrated question solution - Check HTTP Referrer

A lot of people have been complaining that they can't read their questions once it's migrated to SU and while I agree that the password is no state secret (it's stated in the blog), most people don't ...
3 votes
1 answer

Will it be possible to vote for migrating a question from to stackoverflow or servefault?

I know some questions are moved from SO to SU. Will SU moderators be able to do a migration from SU to SO/SF ? (I just dont have enough points to test how migration works myself :) )
6 votes
3 answers

superuser tag prerequisites

should questions on SU have a tag prerequisite for being either hardware or software, as all questions in theory should fall into at least one or other of those categories? quite a few Q's are ...
2 votes
5 answers

maintaining superuser signal to noise for new users

SuperUser has been open for beta for a very short time and already the flurry of questions is overwhelming and vast. There is a lot of noise (i.e. "Must have...") and very little signal at this point ...
12 votes
2 answers

superuser openid query text is misleading

Superuser gave me this error when I tried to login: This is an OpenID we haven't seen before: openid text here Do you want to create a new Super User account with this OpenID? (If you want to ...
3 votes
1 answer

Remove Moderator Notification Limit during SuperUser Beta [closed]

I agree and respect the Moderator notification limit on the site for flagging content. However during the SuperUser Beta can this be lifted. There is a few questions that need to be reviewed, and I ...

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