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Questions tagged [flagging]

To ask about flags, how to flag, when to flag, how flags work, and explanation why flags are declined.

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Am I using the "obsolete" flag wrong?

I have noticed that often, when I flag a comment as obsolete, a moderator declines it, so I am wondering if I am using it wrong. I usually flag a comment as obsolete when, for example, another ...
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We need an 'AI generated' choice for flagging answers

I was reviewing some questions and answers and found that one of the answers is obviously generated by a Generative AI like ChatGPT. These kind of AI-generated answers are increasing, so I believe ...
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Why was NAA flag on link-only answer declined?

I just flagged this answer:      Text: Have a look at this article: Unicode Easy Keyboard Layout for XKB as “not an answer” because it is a textbook1 example of a link-only answer.  What’s ...
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When flagging, requested to have link to duplicate

I wanted to flag two of the answers to this question as duplicates of the accepted answer, as they were later, and had less information (and thus serve no purpose). For the flag (can't yet vote to ...
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Review queue "Late answers" - flag when choice was "recommend deletion"?

When reviewing "Late answers", many of them are not actually answers but comments, other questions and so on (as you can select when saying "recommend deletion"). If I choose to ...
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Reference question/answer for Kali Linux questions

Is there a reference question such as this on SU? On U&L, questions on Kali (especially all those about network connectivity) are flagged as duplicate of this one.
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What's the deal with the "blatantly off-topic" close flag?

I don't remember there being a flag like this for some time (but then again, I haven't flagged a question as being off-topic for some time also). Searching MSE, MSO and here didn't turn up any ...
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Under Review mode to show accepted answer along with the question, with 1st new posts, or late answers

More of a suggestion than a question I guess, but so be it. I'm having to constantly Check the entire question when reviewing Late answers or First time new posts. I understand it wouldn't make much ...
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No visible flag flag summary

If a comment flag is the first flag a user has on a site, then even if that flag is marked helpful, it will not show up on the flag summary page. As soon as an another valid (non-comment) flag is ...
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Why is Helpful flag count in moderator election different from my profile

I did happen to find that Is there any particular reason why the flag counter on my moderator election nomination is different from what the flag counter on my profile says? has an answer that states ...
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