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How do I make what I type look like keys on a keyboard?

Sometimes, when a key is mentioned, the key is shown with a box surrounding it. I don't know how to do that. Could someone please help?
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Was this question closed because a new user made an (easily correctable) Markdown formatting mistake and (correctable, ESL) grammar?

WSL2 duplicated terminal was Mod-closed as "Needs clarity or details", but even as originally written it was (again) quite understandable to me. It definitely had two problems: The new ...
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I'd like to know whether my post is well written or not

I have a question about my Super User post: I can't map a network share from PXE - WinPE I have written a question yesterday and I'd like, if someone can help, to know whether my question is well-...
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Unable to have inline code in a comment when a backslash is before the tilda

When I write a comment, I believe my only option to format as code is to use tildas. But if there is a backslash before the tilda, it seems to escape, and ruin my code formatting. Example: F:\ I can ...
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How can I use grave accents or backticks (`) in a question?

Is there any way to type two back-tick (or grave accent) characters (`) in my question without formatting my text in unwanted way? I know I can enter a grave accent at one place, like this: Alt+`. ...
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Formatted text rendered wrongly in question but is correct in edit preview

I stumbled upon a question that has some incorrectly rendered block of formatted text: I wanted to edit and correct this but was surprised to see that in the editor it looks like this (no change made ...
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bold to emphasize main points? [duplicate]

I've been using bold to emphasize the main point I'm looking for, so people can see that and then read the details more. Is this a good idea? Example: How to not change title with winscp batch
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Should a short error message be formatted as inline code, bold or simply with double quotes?

Should a short error message be formatted as inline code, bold or simply with double quotes? Example: What is the difference between Error: blabla and Error: huhu? ... or ... What is the ...
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Can I embed a Twitter post in my answer?

Shortly after asking How do I enable email notifications from Discord?, I sent a tweet to Discord's official Twitter account asking for support. To my surprise, I received a fairly quick response ...
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Why aren't backticks working in comments to get a fixed-width font?

I just posted a comment (see identical problem in the comment below) that contained the text \\?\ in backticks (two backslashes, a question mark, then another backslash.) As you can see here, the ...
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Quote markdown for the whole answer

I left two comments under both of Pimp Juice's answers on this question asking to consider editing out the quote markdown because both answers are >90% quoted and it doesn't look sensible to me to ...
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Formatting of multiple quotes ends up showing as a single block

When I make three quotes with an answer under each quote, the editor resolves that as one quote all mushed together. The answers under the first two quotes disappear. What is the trick to make ...
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Is it okay to use headers to summarize content?

About a month ago, I adopted an answering style from Thaddeus of Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange. The new format uses bullet points below a level 3 header with a brief summary of the ...
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How to format text including " ` " character

The text I want to format is: ... that Alt Gr + ` gives | ... into ... that Alt Gr+` gives | ... What I did was using <kbd> and enclose " | " with " ` " but when code formatting ...
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How do I embed tables here on Super User?

I've seen some Excel questions where people post a question about current excel table format and desired format, where they show mock-up of the table. How do I create one of those? (I am unfamiliar ...
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Why is the first line automatically indented by one space?

line with backtick or code block line with backtick or code block Why is the first line automatically indented by one space when using backticks or <code> tags to surround multiple lines? Is ...
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What about adding a button for <kbd> tags on the formatting bar? [duplicate]

I think that it would be useful to have a button for <kbd> html tags in the formatting bar just above the text edit box; we still have buttons to properly format quoting and for code, but we ...
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Using `Fixed Width` in Questions and Answers

Recently someone edited one of my posts (OK, maybe not that recently), and mentioned (as the reason for the edit) that it is not appropriate to use Fixed Width to highlight text in posts. I haven't ...
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Code block not working

The code block in this question's answer by Bruce doesn't seem to want to be working. This is the result (even after highlighting the text and explicitly clicking the code block button.
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When editing this post, the "preview" displays the image correctly. When viewing the question, the image is not displayed

Have a look at this answer. I see the text ![Phone Types on][2] rather than the image he is trying to display. But when I clicked "Edit" to fix his formatting, I found that the image ...
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How do I make pretty "tag"s in-question?

I know about using backticks to make code blocks, but how do I get pretty, clickable tag-things in questions?
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How do I quote within a comment box?

As the title says, how do I quote within a comment box? There is a editing help page for this, I know that. But it says I can use angle brackets (>) to create a "simple blockquote". But I tried it and ...
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<!--Oops--> Less-than and greater-than characters are not being handled properly in Stack Exchange inbox email notifications

Less-than and greater-than characters are not being handled properly in Stack Exchange inbox email notifications. This is troublesome when a post title contains HTML tags, as they will be sent as HTML ...
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Nicer <kbd> style

Apple.SE has a much nicer design for kbd tags: It works much better for embedding it in other text (e.g. an explanation) as it contains a sans-serif font and a more subtle border. The style currently ...
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Convention for click on a button, then another button, etc

There is a standard way of representing a directory structure: folder1/folder2/folder3/etc/file1 Is there a similar such convention we should use for indicating how to select an item in a series of ...
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How to add a code block following a numbered or ordered list [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can not use code tag Just a little quirk I noticed when using the Editor. This is bad: This is good: Alternatively, you have to insert a horizontal rule (---) between the list ...
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Can I embed a YouTube video in a question or answer?

Over on I often see YouTube videos embedded in questions and answers. Here is an example. I see in the source that there is not special markup, just the url alone ...
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The Markdown editing help doesn't include help for creating buttons

When asking questions, and one isn't familiar with Markdown, adding a button such as this may be very difficult and frustrating. I think many users's answers and questions involve solutions that ...
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unable to get code block formatted right

look at this answer, at the bottom there is a C code block, I tried formatting with the code sample button, manually, and nothing works, it looks all weird any idea what I did wrong?
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what ways can I make one new line in a post?

what ways can I make one new line in a post? And what is the sense in the fact that pushing enter and starting a new line, doesn't create a new line when the question or I guess answer is submitted? ...
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Can not use code tag

With the following question, Interesting Windows 7 boot Issue involving RAID and an SSD, I'm not able to remove the quote block in which the code block is embedded. Without making it a quote, the code ...
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Why the blue bar on the left edge of the code tag rectangle on

SuperUser, unlike StackOverflow and Meta has a very weird code box. It has a thick blue edge on the left, which is very distracting. I would prefer a clean box like this I don't know why this ...
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