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15 votes
4 answers

Are some questions too easy for Super User?

To put it another way: Can we assume that someone who asks a question on Super User has tried to find the answer elsewhere first? For many (most?) people, the first step in finding an answer to ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Unusual Google Sitelinks for "superuser"

If you google "superuser" one of the sitelink options is a user account. Is that suppose to happen?
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2 votes
1 answer

How can I move my Super User account associated with one Google to another Google account?

I switched my Google account which I used to log me into This currently is my only way to access superuser (old google account). My question is: how can I associate my new account with ...
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-4 votes
1 answer

Reputation doesn't increase

Please help. I don't know if I'm exactly correct. I've used StackExchange with a Google account previously. I earned good reputation. But for some reasons I don't wanna use it now. I created another ...
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-5 votes
4 answers

Why does StackExchange not fix the login account system?

I love the question/answer nature of this community but it's frustrating to do a Google search and find a question/answer on here that I'd like to contribute to, but then be presented with login phase,...
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