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What’s with all the colorful avatars?

I noticed that several moderators have just changed their avatars in a similar style: Is there any backstory behind this?
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Same username, same gravatar, different users

When I first saw this, I thought it was a bug as the gravatars looked identical and they had different reputation. Additionally, both of them seem to be the OP. However, they are different users (I ...
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Are risqué avatars allowed? Failure of the Gravatar rating system?

I stumbled upon this user who had this ¿pornographic? gravatar {link edited out}. (Note that the Gravatar rating system seems to have failed in this case.) While I, personally, think that such ...
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How to add my photo to SU account?

I tired to add my photo to my profile, it redireted me to Gravatar i added my photo there, then what, i don't understand the next step.. Thank you for your help
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2 answers

My Gravatar won't change

I changed my Gravatar a couple of weeks ago through my profile options on this site. Despite clearing my cache and trying alternative browsers (Firefox, Chrome) and computers (Windows and Linux), the ...
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Why can I not change my email address in my profile?

I have recently decided to change the email address that my Gravatar is associated with. In the end, I had to create a new Gravatar account with the different email address. After doing this, I ...
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Changing Avatar trouble

When I try to change my avatar by clicking "Change Picture" under my profile, I am taken to But I have an myOpenId account with an option to change my profile picture. Which one ...
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