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12 votes
3 answers

Re-migrate or unlock question

Updated question (I originally misread the history and Ben N picked it up.) The following question originated on Server Fault and was migrated here: Accidentally left a small form factor PC in ~100F (...
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7 votes
2 answers

Why do questions get closed?

I'm having a hard time understanding the reasoning behind closing questions. Not that I think questions shouldn't be closed, but I do not understand the reasoning and/or thought processes behind ...
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  • 12.7k
7 votes
1 answer

Should this popular CW question be unlocked to allow it to evolve?

Why is this locked? Should it be unlocked? There is no apparent reason or explanation for locking it. SU: What are some “must have” Windows programs? The fact that no new answers can be added sucks (...
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6 votes
1 answer

Why did this question get locked on Super User?

After solving a puzzling problem with my new computer, I posted the issue on How to get an Acer Aspire Revo to connect to the wireless keyboard and mouse? As recommended , I answered ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Moderator feature suggestion: Restrict comments for a particular Answer

Feature suggestion Add a new option for moderators to temporarily and/or permanently restrict new comments (e.g., disallow all new comments, or require moderator approval for new comments, by all ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Undelete and historically lock question 913055: Troubleshooting a physically damaged (kicked) desktop computer

Question 913055, "I literally kicked my computer. Analysis and to do list for this situation?" (10k only), was deleted by a moderator after being closed as too broad. While the question is ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Historical significance lock reason on answers still states "this question"

While the content dispute and off-topic comments lock reasons use a more general term ("this post"), the historical significance lock reason on both questions and answers still states: This ...
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-11 votes
4 answers

My post was unfairly edited and locked

My previous post was getting edit and I think the edit was wrong. Look at the Revision 2, sblair completely changed my post, which include a line here: "I want one of my friends to buy a 1TB hard ...
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