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Migrated questions are shown as {closed} on user profile pages

Migrated questions are shown as closed on a user's profile. In the question list: On the user profile: This affects both meta and main sites and is inconsistent and confusing.
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Is there a valid Stackexchange for my home networking question, or should I just use the DD-WRT Forum?

I asked a question at serverfault, it was migrated to superuser, and promptly closed as off-topic. Here is the question: Is it possible to throw DD-WRT on a F5D8235-4 v2? Now is there a valid ...
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Issue with the "migrated" marker

There is an issue with the [migrated] text being added to the end of a question title. If that question was migrated from another site, and closed on the site it was migrated to, it will show the [...
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