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"You've earned a badge" does not set appropriate activity filter in user profile

When you click on the profile link in the message bar notifying about a new badge, you are taken to the activity section of your profile. The last selected filter (e.g. comments) is still applied, so ...
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Alignment issue in the Activity tab in Firefox browser

There is an alignment issue in the Activity tab. TThis bottom border is missing for the tabs, which has numbers in it. in the Firefox browser. Screenshot for reference: After inspect the element, ...
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Reputation transaction history is incomplete (missing today’s paired transactions)

This answer, which I posted 2012–12–11 21:27:14Z, got accepted and unaccepted within the following 26 hours.  The following screen shots were taken 2012–12–12, approximately 16:40Z and 22:40Z:        ...
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