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Collect the multitude of "SMART - failure predicted" questions?

We have half a dozen questions asking about a boot-time SMART warning: On booting my laptop warns me about failure of hard disk is imminent...can it be repaired or to be replaced..? Is there a script ...
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I have a suggestion on what to do with the Software Rec Tag

With the upcoming release of Windows 8 we expect an influx of users and questions. I feel that we need to prep for their coming. With that in mind, the software-rec is a nuisance in mine and others ...
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Canonical question for remapping keyboard keys

We have many questions regarding remapping keyboard keys on Windows. Should we make one of them a canonical question and close the others as dupes?
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How to handle a suspected troll?

Consider the question What are file systems? - there is no indication of what research the querent has done, and punching the title into Google generates a bunch of links to sites (including Wikipedia)...
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How can I improve this question?

I recently asked Windows gets stuck uninstalling display languages, which wasn't received well, and got 2 downvotes, and I'm wondering what I did wrong/how I can improve the question. I can't really ...
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How to defend new users from unconstructive downvoting

This may be somewhat duplicate, but I think the issue still stands on its own compared to others. I've noticed a depressing trend for new users, who often write poorly formed questions, having their ...
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Sorting Questions by Most Views and Filtering

A few questions about sorting and filtering: Is it possible to sort questions by the number of views (not votes)? How? Can I combine sorting (by votes, views) with filters (unanswered, featured)? How?...
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Add "views" ordering to answer list again

There once was a views sort order for answers in a user's profile, but it apparently was removed. It is only available for questions. While it might need to be made clear that it's not answer views, ...
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When I try to vote to close this question as a duplicate, the site tells me it doesn't have an upvoted answer, but it does. Is this a bug?

See these two questions: whenever I start my windows laptop, after laptop is opened terminal is automatically opened and inside terminal its written -, and On windows startup terminal opens ...
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Is this question from Unix&Linux (closed there) suitable for SuperUser community?

Is this question about a tool for measuring efficiency of filesystems and experienced efficiency/overhead values for types of filesystems (respectively, more in general asking about a tool on Linux, ...
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Reviewing questions including "is there a script" about userscripts

Tl;Dr: I'm reviewing open questions about userscripts. During this review I might suggest edits and flag posts. The intention of this post is to share my current ideas about the edits that I think ...
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Question put on hold as too broad

I don't want to be that guy who complains about a rightful disciplinary action against him. But I really don't know what I did wrong here. I asked a question about a problem I'm currently encountering ...
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What's too broad about my question?

I have a question about my Super User post: How to protect my files against application? (Sandboxing?) First, I'm not complaining, I'm just trying to understand. Second, I already edited the ...
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Lift question bans by answering?

How can I get out of a question ban? Begin by by improving your existing questions: do as much as possible to make them clear, specific and on-topic. The ban will be lifted automatically by the system ...
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I created a resource for an answer. Are there specifications/rules to include it as picture or link?

I answered to this question "Looking up gnuplot abbreviations", in the beginning giving only the method to find the meaning of the abbreviations used or usable. After I've created a a resource (a ...
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Is this general printer refill question appropriate?

I asked a general question regarding refilling toner in laser printers. Is this question appropriate? When refilling toner, why only to half capacity? SuperUser is appropriate for computer support ...
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The slider to make the text area taller does not work on iPad

In questions and answers, the text area has a nice slider to make him taller. Alas, on iPad, the slider does not work. It would be nice to make the slider work. Thank you. I have Safari on iOS 7 ...
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I'd like to know whether my post is well written or not

I have a question about my Super User post: I can't map a network share from PXE - WinPE I have written a question yesterday and I'd like, if someone can help, to know whether my question is well-...
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How do you get an uploaded image removed/deleted?

I uploaded a file before I properly cleaned off the content and what to have that file removed from the image repository. How do I get it deleted from the image repository? Note the relevant ...
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Unsatisfied with an answer

I asked a question a while ago, about performance problems, but the question I was given didn't solve my problem, (it didn't even try), and now the question is closed. The same situation is causing ...
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"Ignored tags" visibility preference misbehaves

I just had this happen: The single search result disappeared the moment the page finished loading. While it's possible to hide ignored tags (presuming this is a feature), I didn't check that ...
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