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Questions tagged [reopen-request]

Requests to have closed questions reopened by community or a moderator. Please include arguments – why should the question be reopened?

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My question was closed as "opinion-based" despite not being opinion-based

My question Why do SSDs tend to fail much more suddenly than HDDs? was closed by a mod as "opinion-based", despite being in no way opinion-based. It asks for factual reasons why SSDs tend ...
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Request to reopen question 600238

This question about creating CD+Gs from MP4s was closed this morning, 27 May 2013, at 04:05 UTC for being off-topic: in its original form, the question was obviously a software-rec. Twelve minutes ...
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What makes a history-tagged question closed?

I love to read about computer history. There are many questions regarding history on SU and a history tag. Some of the questions are closed:
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Question closed as duplicate - reopen request

This is not my question, and I believe it's NOT a duplicate: How do you edit Windows10 Directory Junctions (links to folders) from Windows Explorer? The question in question (h3h3) is asking about a ...
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How to get questions out of the Phantom Zone?

The Phantom Zone In the last few days, I've encountered several questions stuck in the Phantom Zone. Here's the basic scenario: A poor quality question, unanswerable as-is, is posted. It gets ...
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Request to reopen question 385613

The question has been updated to no longer be a shopping question. I have a solution to ...
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Vote to re-open 2 year old question?

I just edited this question, then noticed it was two years old (Community User put it back in a queue). I need help! PopUp with only OK button Looks like a perfectly valid question to me. It could ...
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Reopen request 855983

I've now fixed the title of my question so it is in line with the topic of home networking: Can a home PPPoE connection access all websites, regardless of the site infrastructure's MTU settings? ...
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Reopen request: How to compare two word files?

Clicking on the linked question below leads to a "Page not found". Can this question be re-opened, because the duplicate got deleted? This question already has answers here: Closed 10 years ...
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Make question about Java MaxHeapSize more focused

This question about Java MaxHeapSize was closed because it needs to be more focused. How can it be made more focused? "Needs more focus" is defined here as "has many valid answers (but no way to ...
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It's not a shopping rec question

This question got closed as asking for shopping suggestions: USB-Ethernet adapter for a laptop without Ethernet socket Instead of asking what to buy, try asking how to find out what suits your ...
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My question has been mistakenly marked duplicate

My question here - - has been marked duplicate to this question - Does installing many programs really slow down Windows?. To those who say its duplicate, the ...
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I'd like to know why my question was closed

I posted a question detailing my problems with Windows 8's File History. I use it for backups and I have a couple of things I'd like it to do, but it fell short. With certain specific needs in mind, I ...
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Request to reopen question 986199

My question on the main site: How much data (MB) does a one-hour Zoom call use for each participant? was closed for being "not about computer hardware or software". According to the FAQ (What topics ...
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Non-duplicate is marked as duplicate

This question How can I export & import firefox addons settings is marked as duplicate of this Software to export firefox addons but it is not, maybe it should be unmarked?
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Why was this question put on hold?

Yesterday, I had asked this question: What features are available in Windows 8 Single Language? It instantly gathered a lot of downvotes, and later was put on hold, citing: "This question is not ...
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