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Questions tagged [reputation]

Questions regarding reputation, see also [voting] and [privileges]

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Add / Show comment with less than 50 reputation

If a user has less than 50 reputation, it is known that they cannot comment on posts other than their own. I've been in a situtaion, (this applies to the wider stack exchange interface) where I have ...
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Reputation Leagues ignore daily reputation cap and reputation loss due to deletion

The reputation leagues seem to ignore reputation loss due to post deletion. The reputation earned for the same post is counted though, in fact, it seems to ignore reputation capping. Oliver has an ...
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Reputation change in the notification bar appears to be incorrect

We get notification for reputation changes like below. The problem is, it shows +1? When I open the link, it shows me +10. Assuming this was to save space or indicate how many updates/changes had ...
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discussion in number of views and tags

I have a question about my Super User post: SNMP : I HAVE 2 community name? I post this question from three deys , and until now the views number it's just 12 views so how we can increase the number ...
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Inconsistent reputation history for days without reputation changes

My recent SU reputation history: There is an entry for Jan 3, on which There were no net reputation changes on this day. No posts are listed for this day. There is no entry for Dec 29. It is unclear ...
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Reputation transaction history is incomplete (missing today’s paired transactions)

This answer, which I posted 2012–12–11 21:27:14Z, got accepted and unaccepted within the following 26 hours.  The following screen shots were taken 2012–12–12, approximately 16:40Z and 22:40Z:        ...
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Possible bug with dropdown user menu

I noticed a discrepancy with the way the pulldown menu (I don't know what it's officially called, the sub-window that appears when you mouse-over your name at the top) displays reputation changes, and ...
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