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Can we please standardize the Microsoft tags?

Tags for Microsoft products are currently a mess. Office: office, microsoft-office office-2007, office-2010, office-2010-beta, ms-office-2007, office-2008, microsoft-office-2010, office-2010, office-...
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2 answers

Retagging questions with the answer

This is a bit related to this topic on MSO. In a recently suggested and approved edit a tag was added to the topic, but it only became applicable through the answer. The user didn't know the tag was ...
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1 answer

Is there a method to rename a tag without editing the questions?

I just added apache to the manufacturer meta tag list because Apache is a software foundation with an extensive list of projects, not just the web server software. The [apache] tag has been used for ...
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3 answers

Mac and osx tag usage on SU

I see there are a lot of questions tagged mac (749) and even more tagged osx (860) on SuperUser. However, I find the usage of the tags to be quite inconsistent. A lot of people tag their questions mac ...
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6-Characters minimum on editing with tag edit

I tried to edit a question because it was tagged badly. It seemed mostly fine otherwise, though I decided to fix 2 punctuation and one capitalization errors (which would not normally warrant a ...
10 votes
2 answers

Should we do something about the [osx] / [mac] distinction?

TL;DR: osx and mac are a complete mess. What should we do about that? What's the current situation? Per this question, we've established the following distinction between the "OS X" and &...
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Could we be doing our tag edits better?

This came up on chat, and well, there's a few issues to be raised. Folk who're editing tags tend to get adviced to edit a few tags at a time, and it kinda worked - we've having more people editing ...
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1 answer

Is command-line a meta tag?

I noticed that command-line had no tag-wiki. So I thought I might try to add one. Unfortunately I wasn't among the top 20 answerers in that tag so I couldn't do it. I then thought about the bash tag(*...
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Managing Management

file-management has 438 questions power-management has 326 questions password-management has 106 questions memory-management has 51 questions project-management has 45 questions time-management has ...
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Please use [modern-ui] instead of [metro] for the moment, Metro conflicts

Please use Modern UI for the moment, because Metro was a code name that conflicts with Metro AG. Feel free to update questions with the new naming as you go around making our Windows 8 part of the ...
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Why are changes applied without any reasoning or community agreement?

Please align the Excel tags isn't agreed upon, while Can we please standardize the Microsoft tags? has been there for ages and has been a consensus which we pretty much agreed up. Why does a ...